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Versuri Robber Of Life

(Borg, Dregen) I´ve been here, been there I´ve been every god damn where You´re a robber of life And if you were a woman would you be my wife I´m no loser in the end Don´t tell me that you understand `Cause everything is just a frame Come on I´m no sucker you can bend I´ve got a rendezvous in hell Life for me is just a game Where everybody´s crazy! I know that Jesus was a fool Maybe he was kinda wool But I don´t know what to do no more When everybody´s crazy I´ve been here, been there I´ve been every motherfuckin´ where You´re a robber of life And if you were a woman you would be my wife, I swear Tonight you wanna do some Tonight you wanna be one One of `em guys who sold their souls For the rock n´ roll remote control You switch your channel and do what you´re told I can´t lie, I won´t cry But maybe I´ll meet him before I die Too soon it´s too late, man Am I angel or concrete hate? But I got horns and I got wings But I won´t fly until my angel sings for me They say fly, they sing They say die, I say why? But I won´t let `em in the ring It´s gonna take some time `til my angel sings

Album versuri cantece versurile muzica straina asculta versuri. Asculta asculta Robber Of Life Backyard Babies asculta muzica descarca ultima melodie.

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