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(There is a) strange quiet in crowns of trees Only raindrops break the silence Beauty of naked fairies In the darkness of infernal dance Those touches of their lips And bodies luring you But you feel like A prisoner nailed to stones There's black heaven and red sun over my head... Horizon is gray in the garden of thorns In this nameless time, with ruins of hopes (Melting in the) rivers of oblivion, forgotten by the time Is this insanity? Slave of the suffering... I am the fallen angel And my wings are dead Blood flowers of this darkness Fall to my palms My bride is flying there As a black orchid she looks Raven, what can I feel? Oblivion of times? Horizon is... cantece cantece piesa piesa Rivers Of Olivion versuri mp3 Galadriel muzica straina. Piesa melodia melodiei versuri.

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