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Versuri River

Young and strong Hollywood son in the early morning light this star fell down on Sunset Boulevard young and strong beautiful one we embraced so close is gone was torn away let the youth of America mourn include him in their prayers let his image linger on repeat it everywhere with candles, with flowers he was one of ours one of ours why don't you let him be? he's gone we know give his mother and his father peace your vulture's candor your casual slander you murder his memory he's gone we know it's nothing but a tragedy lay to rest your soul and body lay beside your name lay to rest your rage your hunger and amazing grace with candles, with flowers you were one of ours one of ours I saw cameras expose your life I heard rumors explode with lies I saw children in tears cry and crowd around the sight of where you had collapsed that day where your last breath and word had been sighed where your heart had burst where you had died I saw how they were lost in grieving all half believing you were gone the loss and pain of it crime and shame of it you were gone it was such a nightmare raving, how could we save him from himself?

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