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it's happened before and now it's happening again rancid rotten bastards fucking trying to cash in they're on tv and they're on the radio on the cover of spin magazine how far is it going to go exploiting punk rock to the useless fucking masses with mass media saturation and financial fucking backing we won't be fooled by your prepackaged rebellion bought and sold by corporate fuckheads when you work with the enemy that makes you the same kind of scum who has robbed our fucking movement from the very day that it began as you riot riot riot your fucking self right to the bank i know we all know that you're just a fucking rip off [Chorus:] rip off rip off. rip off fuck you fuck off. radio radio what a fucking load of shit and by the way what the fuck does the radio have to do with it just another clever trick they got to hush the humming masses while they buy buy buy this weeks overplayed trash is today green or tomorrow fucking greener? for the bosses making money while your spewing out crap love songs what the fuck is punk about road managers and booking agents or backstage rooms and pre show exercises twenty thousand seat arenas..oh c'mon you make me fucking sick in 1976 they started out to put an end to all that useless shit it's happened before and it's happening again but you're never gonna fool us because you're just a bunch of rip-offs [Chorus]

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