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The dark and stormy clouds of rage came rumbling in And the city burn a blaze so bright the night resembled morning There was vengeance in their eyes as their voices pierced the silence The city smelled of chaos and the news reported Riot (Riot Riot Riot!) Drop the routine and go The common consensus down every single road One a looting next a shooting... it left you wondering what's next? The city burned a blaze because of mans ignorance [Chorus:] We took a stand (but were we as one) We made demands (based on opinions) So here we stand (in our waste land) Back where we began Too much power made the human greed The milk is sour and we're still in need Eleventh hour let the blind man see That we're back where we began I said were back where we began! Riot, Riot, Riot (4x) From the cold concrete ruins came the echoed cry As the morning broke so did the sky To reveal the seal that had been broke The past the present the future..a joke I saw the market place I saw my house I saw the school yard, park, windows broken out Under a brand new day, a brand new sun I stood amongst the chaos...god what have we done? (Chorus) Oh my god what have we done We waged a war that cant be won (2x) And now we're back where we began Riot, Riot, Riot (4x)

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