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Well I hate the rain when I drive Right on thru Cause the windows are broken on my 455 Right on thru It don't rain much but when it do That dirty old rain comes right on thru Right on thru Through to you! I had some pigeons livin on my ledge Right on thru Dirty winged rats living on the edge Right on thru I give em a shot too Right on thru The pigeon shit seeps right on thru Right on thru Through to you Well you built your house made out of lead Right on thru It keeps out those things that you dread Right on thru It don't matter where you hide Right on thru Because reality always crashes inside Right on thru Through to you cuvintele cuvinte cuvinte asculta versuri cantece. Versurile L7 muzica straina asculta mp3 piesa versuri (Right On) Thru muzica.

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