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Versuri Riding On A Bus (speech)

Brian Matthew: Before we hear another song, fellows, there is a few things I'd like to ask you. First of all, do you ever get tired of being Beatles? Paul: We don't think so, really. Brian: You don't ever think that? Paul: Just occasionally, you get cheesed off with people writing rubbing about you, which you get often. John: Yeah, I agree with that. I've had a divorce and half a dozen kids. Brian: Now, what do you, eh, well, I mean, doesn't, isn't this a big sort of drag to go around explaining to your wife that you're not divorced and all that sort of things? John: No, she knows I'm not divorced, 'cause I keep seeing her every day, you see. Brian: Yes, a point, but what about the simpler things of life, like, eh-- Paul: Like riding a bus? Brian: Yeah, or going to just about any restaurant you-- Paul: Well, yeah, you miss those sort of things. John: We go to certain ones. George: And we go to ones where the people there are so snobby, they're the type who pretend they don't know us, so we have a good time, 'cause they pretend they don't know us. Paul: Joe's Café! Brian: Yeah, that figures. Paul: Joe's Café! Social statement, that, you know. George: It is.

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