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Versuri Reign on your parade

fractured life your silence heard. it's what you didn't want what other didn't see. painful past you'd rather die than try to explain how it hurts inside. don't you think their future's filled with dire problems? you clench your fist you close your eyes. don't point the blame you might find yourself the same. you terrify you dare deny this poor kids life there's not much more to identify when something's wrong the end is near there's not much more that i can do. you took it all their innocence left behind with scars and shameful tears it doesn't need to be this way it seems that it will never go away muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele. Cuvintele album descarca versurile asculta versuri versuri Gob cuvintele cuvintele Reign on your parade cuvintele.

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