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I spent time on the mountain Brought blood up from the hills Wrought iron and stone made company of me Taught me the way of the lone Ten thousand years of my exile From the breast of the motherland Please Mosigh send spacecraft again Carry us back to our home Great sun bleed your breath on my neck While I strangle the vagrant Old soul I reject imprison my steps Towards the valley's stream yeah A place for your landing erected In symbols that cry to the sky Stars mark the pathway red sand cold burn On forgotten Martian Earth Old fathers come save me Your ships sailed here before Pyramids and temples call to your angels And long for your return Well this red colony left here Silenced from the mother tongue Don't leave us like you did Egypt Craving escape from this world Red Colony

Melodiei descarca cuvinte asculta muzica straina Red Colony versuri descarca Sixty Watt Shaman cuvintele asculta. Cantece melodia versurile melodia versuri versurile cuvinte.

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