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I've got a rebel soul - no one ever will own There's a rebel flag - waving over my home I got a rebel mind - 'cause I wanna be free so you don't better mess with me I got a rebel pride - I'm a southern man I ride a rebel bike - sure ain't made in Japan I love this rebel song - "Sweet Home Alabam" and I'm sure ya'll understand I would fight for my rights 'nd stand up for my dream I would die for you baby - my little rebel queen CHORUS I'm a rebel - a rebel for your love a rebel for our freedom in a world that's getting rough I'm a rebel - with a rebel dixi soul a rebel for my (our) children who say "Long Live Rock'n'Roll" I got a rebel heart - with a beat of Rock'n'Roll and the rebel yell - is the echo of my soul and a rebels truth - is the courage to say Beat it - I don't like it that way Well I've seen a lot of places where I would never build my house I just love to hear the girls talk with a mouth full of south CHORUS cuvintele piesa asculta melodia muzica Rebel pride descarca ultima melodie descarca. Bonfire versuri muzica muzica straina versuri cuvinte.

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