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music and lyrics by jo davidson a crowded room some shallow club in L.A. trying to talk over the music like there's anything to say he turns to me and says people are more real In New York. Oh really, I answer not believing a word to me his statement is just a little bit absurd like New York is any different as if anywhere is different from anywhere People are real wherever you go It's just a matter of what they're afraid to show People are real wherever you go It's just a matter of what they're hiding Well a guy comes to the table and he does his magic and suddenly a little turtle jumps right out of his jacket and all I can think is what must that turtle be thinking then the owner slips the magician a couple large bills and he's on to the next table and he's on to the next thrills oh the champagne keeps flowing and everyone is happy happy chorus repeat you gotta be on something to be into this you have to already have fallen to fall for these tricks with her back to the wall she stands there alone holding her stomach and wishing she was home chorus

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