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Versuri ReActivate Your Heart

You've been spilling all over me ever since I broke your seal now you're seeping into my memory and storming my Bastille the world can see you fell for me when I unscrewed your lid 'cause I'm the one who told you so and you're the one who did hey hey yeah yeah wo wo re-active your heart our entaglements and ties of which we often spoke they're attracted to us like flies we drift away like smoke if they steal our hearts, and other parts it's only petty theft but I lost track of all of them and you're the one that's left. hey hey yeah yeah wo wo re-activate your heart and I'm lost inside a dream hooked up to your machine when I hear you screaming: darling, it's all right there's someone you connect into when all is said and done it's unlikely to be you so I must be the one hey hey yeah yeah wo wo re-activate your heart

Muzica melodia ReActivate Your Heart mp3 The Mr. T Experience. Melodia muzica straina mp3 album melodiei cuvintele versuri versuri cuvinte album.

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