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Sad coindidence, about, a possible end all the prophecies, show, a near future. Too many minds, speculating about our sentence of death, too many voices, crying out, to a sceptic world. They could see, the Mother Earth bathed in our blood, they could feel, the fire burning bodies and souls, they could dream and walked over our ruines, they could be hopeful that moment will never arrive. But that moment that they saw so far, comes closer like death to life, and the words that have travelled across the time, die unuseful before a deaf world. I, don´t wanna see the mother earth bathed in blood, nor feel the fire that destroys mankind, in my nightmares I see the world in ruins, I think that hope they had one day has died I feel it has died... Really, all the prophecies point at a great change for humanity. Religions as Christian, Mussulman and Buddhist, civilizations as Mayan, prophets as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon in this way they´ve wrote it becaming true or not this prophecies, it´s not difficult to see that something destroys the planet. World of chaos, sentenced to dark. World of fear, sentenced to die. Lakes of blood, jungle of fire, razing life, don´t you care? So, fight for peace. In a world born of suffering where pain and death prevail, Mankind fight to survive in bloody wars, wickedness and hate. Sometimes at night when I close my eyes I see the Earth crying perhaps that prophesied change´s the Earth killed by its sons. World of chaos, world of fear, don´t you care?

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