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Versuri Questioningly

Questioningly her eyes looked at me And then she spoke aren't you someone I used to know And weren't we lovers a long time ago? Looked at her close forced her into view Yes, I said, you're a girl That I once may have knew But I don't love you anymore Why do you want to talk to me for? You should have just let me walk by Memories make us cry In the morning, I'm at work at time My boss he tells me that I'm doing fine When I'm going home Whiskey bottle movie on T. V. Memories make me cry And I'm alone just me Just me, Questioningly But I dont love you anymore... Looked at her close... Questioningly her eyes looked at me...

Questioningly cantece asculta versuri. album piesa muzica straina melodiei Diverse versuri cuvinte Ramones.

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