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[M&L: Beretta] The oath between the kings is doneテャテつソ They know what is to do The quest begins to find a manテャテつソ A man whose heart is pure [Bridge 1:] Though many warriors are able with the sword Only the purest soul can reach the Oracle [Chorus 1:] Who is the one?テャテつソ Trial of water will show to usテャテつソ Fulfill the oath Pure of heart our only hope The youngest of the warriors Was brought up by the monks His name is Artan and he comes From Varnia he comes [Bridge 1] [Chorus 1] In the Holy Water He will put the hand Shall he pass the trial All the others failed? [Bridge 2:]テャテつソ Though many warriors are better with the sword He is the chosen one to reach the Oracle [Chorus 2:] He is the one Trial of water told it to us Fulfill the oath Pure of heart our only hope

Melodia melodiei asculta versuri descarca album asculta. melodiei cuvinte melodia Drakkar mp3 Pure Of Heart versuri cuvintele muzica straina.

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