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I want to learn how to fly I want to be respected I want to get lucky I want to get out of this dump I just want to watch TV I want to be loved I want to be different I want a brother and sister I?d just rather be forgotten I want to save the world I want to be understood I want to be rich Man, I just want to be somebody Julie?s got the word today She lost her job just one last pay Life don?t come easy anymore Still strugglin?on by herself Got a picture of Jimmy There on the shelf And she looks at him and says Why did we let it go I know that sometimes baby We didn?t see things eye-to-eye But I got just one question Did we have to say goodbye Just like prisoners in paradise Still far from heaven?s door We had it all but still we Wanted more Now I realize that I can?t Turn back the future?s here To stay but hey We?re just children of tomorrow Hangin? on to yesterday Jimmy still recalls the night When he took his guitar And headed on out To find the big time That was his dream He gave up his past And made it alright But there?s something missin? In his heart tonight Sometimes what you want Ain?t what you need He misses drivin? down To the lake at night Holdin? his baby In his arms so tight Ain?t it hard to find illusions When you?re livin? in a memory Just like prisoners in paradise So close but yet so far There will come a time No matter who you are When you ask yourself Was it right or wrong For me to turn away but hey We?re just children of tomorrow Hangin? on to yesterday

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