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Versuri Pretty Boy

VERSE 1 I lie awake at night See things in black and white I've only got you inside my mind You know you have made me blind VERSE 2 I lie awake and pray That you will look my way I have all this longing in my heart I knew it right from the start CHORUS Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you Like I never ever loved no one before you Pretty pretty boy of mine Just tell me you love me too Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you Oh my pretty pretty boy I do Let me inside Make me stay right beside you VERSE 3 I used to write your name And put it in a frame And sometimes I think I hear you call Right from my bedroom wall VERSE 4 You stay a little while And touch me with your smile And what can I say to make you mine To reach out for you in time CHORUS Oh pretty pretty boy Say you love me too CHORUS

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