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day one has just begun and i'm burnt, broken, dazed and numb. beginnings feel more like ends. friends feel less and less like friends. shake off another dumb mistake. i'm stupider than you. you can see it in my face. see it in my sloping brow and forehead? I'm missing all the missives because i'm stone dead. we're fuck ups and perverts, we're dickweeds and drunks, drowning in rivers chained into trunks. this new work is awkward, i don't like the lines. i hate all the people with pinpointed eyes. fuck what we say and all that we do. I'm saving myself for something beautifully true. then we kick into the outer space rock wall, and fade out with some mexican radio commercials. all in under one minute and eleven seconds. truly, rock is not dead. long live neilson and mcCooch! see ya in the pit, punkers.

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