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Versuri Pray For Sunlight

End of darkness, follow rivers down beside through war and pain Refreshing water, where the people clean their souls from poisoned rain Can see the light through darkness Can hear the wind, the voice, the human race and all Got a sign from outer space From afar, out of silence Pray for sunlight Rainy clouds above Pray for sunlight That heaven gives enough Found green meadows, took some flowers growing in the sacred sand Smelled the freedom, breathed the air from eastern liberated land Survived the land of sorrow And saw the door that opened up the way to go Were there signs from outer space? On their journey out of silence The path that mankind took away from nowhere Was cold and long and hard to reach the sky The people took their faith and followed sunlight And found their home of independent life They built their house on green land They earned their harvest year by year And taught each little child You should rather fight than leave your own homeground

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