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Versuri Pollution

[Chorus] Sometimes I wanna get away from all the confusion Causin' pollution I know you wish you could run away from this institution Cause there's no solution, to survive Another day when I'm waking up I turn my TV on CNN Another homie done bit the dust, my best friend's back up in the pen Somebody hit the twin towers, ? and the buildings came tumbling down All we could do was watch in tears While the people of America wondered how we let it go down Then, I heard a sound when I turned around This old man said pray for me Said I've been in the world for 88 long years and go now can you stay for me? I looked him in the eyes, and gave him a smile and said mister I don't mean no harm But you ain't going nowhere, so just pull up a chair I got greens fresh off the farm And with that he pulled a bottle from his pocket and said youngin' ima give it a try I said hold up pops, I ain't forget about the nana you promised so pass it by and then he said...

Melodia versuri melodiei cuvinte descarca asculta. Asculta muzica straina cuvintele Pollution Baby Bash album versuri versurile cuvintele mp3.

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