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Officer :) Pull ova man, pull ova, pull ova. Stop right here so. Lock off your car. Step out the vehicle wit you documents, please. Hmm, You know why I pull yu ova? (Sean Paul :) Ahh, officer bwoy,me ina rush (Officer :) Did I give yu the right to blow trough di stop light like that (Sean Paul :) Gee, me never even see it, me neva see-- (Officer :) Licence and registration, licence and registration please (Sean Paul :) Aright, everyting is in order (Officer :) Sean Paul , you in trouble Sean Paul bwoy, what you do? (Sean Paul :) Bwoy me a DJ, you know (Officer :) DJ, Oh! Disc Jockey, a mean u play on da radio? (Sean Paul :) No man, no (Officer :) What station you play? (Sean Paul :) No, I'm a artist (Officer :) Artist, a you paint house, you paint...what you paint? (Sean Paul :) No, No, No, musical artist (Officer :) Music artist, you play instrument, look inside di car if u see any instrument inside there (Sean Paul :) Hol on, Hol on nuh, you a get me wrong, you know, Sean Paul, man, Entertainer (Officer :) Enter--Oh, me know all a unnu, I know entertainer, Oh pass me di newspaper let me see di entertainmenr section and see Mr. Sean Paul is in the entertainment section. mmm, sean....paul. I see one man inside here so, wit orange hair, head look like carpet, him na look like u at all, u know. I see a nex one here so, im wear a dark glasses.... and i don't see....a dreadlocks one, But you don't have dreadlocks? say u need dreadlocks in yu business you know, you need dreadlocks (Sean Paul :) I nah really put in dreadlocks (Officer :) But your not in di paper at all, I don't see Sean Paul in di paper. You just not in the paper,from you not in the paper, you nah popular, thats how i see, in my books thats how it is, you not popular at--- (sniffs) What is dat? What is that cologne? Is weed, hmm? Jesus, Its

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