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So many years have passed And you are still here Watching this struggling For a peaceful mind First I tried to bury your name But it resurfaced The vowels came out Riding the consonants Resonating ... Resonating ... I burned all the photographs All the letters I changed my habits Places I used to go Didn't see your face for a while I thought I made it But one day I called my girl Uttering your name By mistake ... By mistake ... REFREN: There is one love One love One love, we never forget One love ... Everyday we try to recreate Funny I saw you yesterday You acted so clumsy Trying to be pleasant Asking me to stay I figured out it is not you The one who shakes me But these memories Moving under my skin Like a snake ... Like a snake ... I know we had our time It's irreversible We've lost that final rhyme A poem without an end I know it looks so sad But why is happiness It's all in our heads ... We've made this word up To define the final frontier REFREN x 2

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