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Versuri Pizza Song

Iâve shown her Moon in cases A Man of one day runes I saw her coming home from school But only beer was on my mind Hey chick, come on letâs brake it Letâs fake it, I want this done She said - âcome one, letâs dance tonight!â I said - Come on letâs sing The Song! She wants it cheap and cracking - How âbout a song for free? Iâve seen Jean coming dragging Dragging pizza home âI want to break Moon-Manâ - fine! And brain-men start to puke I would have brought some beer and chicks And no more pizza on my mind Heating in between Getting in between I want to see her brain! Yeah, itâs gotta be clean! How âbout her legs? Oh look my here... STOP! Come on letâs sing The Song!

Pizza Song versurile cantece album melodiei Melissa. Versuri cantece ultima melodie asculta versuri muzica straina melodiei.

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