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Versuri Pititis, Te Invoco

Pititis, Te Invoco Lyrics [BRUJO] Mi verga machetテャテつウn estテャテつ。 duro, te lo meto Esas putas si nos gustan trテャテつ。eme la mテャテつ。s chichona Concubina chulita, yo te cojo Quiero bruja, Pititis! Te invoco! [PITITIS] No Brujo, lo duro, te lo mocho Viejo panzテャテつウn, no parto, no te cojo Pinche cerdo, mamテャテつウn, yo te chingo Yo te arranco los huevos hasta la verga [BRUJO] Ay! Brujita dame algo, mテャテつ。s o menos, yo te amo Esas skankas son marranas, tu eres, mテャテつ。s cabrona Ven brujita, chulita, yo te cojo! La demonia, Pititis! Te Invoco! Te Invoco! Te Cojo! Te Invoco! Te Cojo! Te Invoco! Mi verga machetテャテつウn estテャテつ。 filoso, te lo meto Esas putas mテャテつ。s baratas, trテャテつ。eme, la mテャテつ。s mamona Concubina chulita, yo te cojo Te doy todo! Pitits! Te Invoco! [PITITIS] Ay! Papi brujito, te lo mocho No soy perra, mamテャテつウn, eres joto Esa cabeza sin mente, pito guango Soy Pititis y que! Soy cabrona [BRUJO] Te Invoco! Te Cojo! Te Invoco! Te Cojo! [English translation:] [Brujo:] My huge machete-cock is hard as rock, I'll stick it in you Those whores 'r looking good, bring me the biggest titties Concubine, you're a cutie, i will fuck you I want a witch, Pititis, I invoke you [Pititis:] no Brujo, that hardon, I'll hack it off you Old fat ass, I ain't spreading, you can't fuck me Talking shit you fucking pig, I'll fuck you up I'll tear your balls off with your cock [Brujo:] Hey! Witchie give me some, more or less, I love you Those other skanks are filthy pigs, you're one bad-ass bitch Come here cute little witch, I will fuck you The demon Pititis! I invoke you! I invoke you, I will fuck you, I invoke you, I will fuck you [Brujo:] My huge machete-cock is razor sharp, I'll stick it in you Those are the cheap whores, bring me, the best cocksucker Cute little concubine, I will fuck you I'll give you everything Pititis! I invoke you! [Pititis:] hey! Daddy Brujo, I'll hack it off I'm not some bitch, cocksucker, you're a faggot That head with no brain, a limp dick I'm Pititis and what, I'm a bad ass bitch

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