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Written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent Lead vocals by Ted Nugent Nice licks I can feel this's gonna be a rhythm and blues song Nice, real nice, tasty Wait a minute Well if you want it baby Slide on up and take me home And go ahead and drive me crazy You can't leave well enough alone Ow 'Cause I'm a piledriver Piledrivin' man I'm a piledriver Piledrivin' man So you say you love me Well shake me up and cut me loose Let's shake me down like you've got rabies And slip your neck inside of my noose I'm a piledriver Piledrivin' man I'm a piledriver Piledrivin' man Another nasty situation (c'mon baby) I heard that story line before (oh, hey) We're gonna rock this fuckin' nation (oh! ow! yeah!) I was cruizin' backstage in Des Moines, Iowa And a little girl comes up next to me and says Mr. Nugent do you think my skirt is short enough? I said, Baby, you want to be alive you've got to piledrive! Did anybody get the license plate number of that truck? [background chatter] Piledriver Piledrivin' man I'm a piledriver Piledrivin' man Yes I am Piledriver Piledrivin' man Piledriver Yes I am a Piledrivin' man Whoa nice Oh rapture me, right now muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele. Cuvintele album descarca versurile asculta versuri versuri Damn Yankees cuvintele cuvintele Piledriver cuvintele.

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