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The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Where are you now in this mess you have made? I'm leaving you here, to fend for your own. I cannot help I am already gone. {Chorus} Pieces of dreams cannot kill the touch only the mind. These little pieces of things I've grown to hate so much. Delivered and burned, you see how it works I could explain, but I'd feel like a jerk. I close my eyes and feed your pain. Helpless ritual, ritual habits sustained {Chorus} Pieces of dreams cannot kill the touch only the mind. These little pieces of dreams I've grown to hate so much. What about the de-compassion that is in the movement on the wheels that we ride? Kill your life! {after chorus} Can I believe that I need someone, to make me feel like I am special? To lie beneath a snail with no one, and feel like a million voices. With a poor excuse I'm guilty. With the blood on my hands you'll see. Hide in the ruins that you've ruined, when you couldn't see... Running lost intertwined with a weak compromise, lacking a soul with the will to survive. Repeat {chorus}

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