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Versuri Piece Of Candy

Candy's nineteen, she goes to college in Kansas She don't care about football or fraternity dances Don't care about her classes or the bad marks she gets Spends all her time on the internet Money's tight yeah she' on an allowance So she bought a little camera put it up in the shower Logged on to see you/see me and there it was Everybody wants a piece of Candy Everybody wants a piece of Candy now Demand was so high she got six more cameras Now you got Candy from every angle Painting her nails on the edge of her bed And fakin' with her boyfriend when he's givin' her head yeah A thousand hits a day, she didn't know who her fans are A few short weeks and she's a chat room superstar Old men loggin' hard and fast Just to get a little peek at Candy's -- Money rolled in, it was good for a while Then it got kinda freaky you know Crampin' her style Everybody stared when she's out on the street Then her boyfriend split 'cause he couldn't take the heat She started finding wierd shit left in her mailbox Little Barbie dolls with their little Barbie heads cut off Too much too soon - but there it was Everybody wants a piece of Candy now Pretty soon the freaks they're all tryin' to find her They're not just fans man, they're subscribers They hid in her bushes and out at her fence Tryin' to get a little piece of Candy in the flesh Lock the doors and black the windows Take down the cameras and put 'em where the trash goes A little late that she figured it out Candy starved to death 'cause She wouldn't leave the house Everybody wants a piece of Candy Everybody wants a piece of Candy now

58 versuri versuri descarca melodiei muzica cuvinte muzica cuvintele. Piece Of Candy mp3 ultima melodie cuvinte muzica straina cantece piesa.

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