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Versuri Peaches And Cream

PEACHES AND CREAM The light was on, and everything I felt was strong I watched as your mascara ran Didn't get far on that golden tan I heard you sigh, but I don't wanna see you cry You looked just like a walking dream Sweeter than peaches and cream (CHORUS) If you want me let me know I can show you how If you've got nowhere to go I can show you now I'm yours to tame, and I don't even know your name I like to touch your perfect skin I can't stop once I begin To show you more than I have ever shown before If you could read what's on my mind Give me yours and I'll give you mine (CHORUS) We could be, we could see More than we know We should be, we should see More than we know And I'd like to know (CHORUS)(TWICE) Sweeter than peaches and cream (If you want me let me know) Sweeter than peaches and cream (I can show you how) (REPEAT AND FADE)

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