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i will take the law in my hands i will control my destiny(x4) My hates strengthened by my silence filling my head with thoughts of violence. My resolve is tested daily, Anger hostile (intentions) We must open our ears and listen to the agony of earths condition. You are the cause, i am the cure peacemaker here you are no more. Strike you down, strike you down (youll pay the price) life taker youll bow down (peacemaker) Bow down crimes punished deal justice (peacemaker) (x4) To make peace there must be a war, there must be a reason to fight for. If i get pushed im gonna push back so dont step to me or (ill attack) In a world that i see is screwed, in a world i see is fucked. In a world thats full of crime all i know is its peacemaking time. Strike you down, strike you down (youll pay the price) Life taker youll bow down (peacemaker) bow down crimes punished deal justice (peacemaker) (x4) I will take the law in my hands doing unto others as they do unto other men (x4) i cant take this to much longer, soon i will snap (x4)

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