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Been good, been bad, got worse, got better. I fell I know myself when i'm looking in the mirror. Been hurt, been loved - I'm scarred, not bitter. I am an angel with the knowledge of a sinner. But what do I do, and how should I be? When I look at myself, I can only see me.... I need a little patience... Been hard, been soft, been both, been neither Above it all, I am only a survivor. Been down,been low, got up, got higher - We are only human, all just liars... So I wait for the day when I open my eyes And I look to myself, but it's no big surprise I need a little patience... Well i'm sitting here and sinking and i'm on the '8th floor And i'm thinking do I jump or should I stay around for more? I watch my friends get bigger and get better and get richer But i'm not bitter Time is ticking ticking ticking ticking ticking on with a vengeance I want it all I want it all I need a little patience....

Cuvintele descarca piesa Nerina Pallot muzica straina cuvinte. Melodiei melodia versuri muzica piesa asculta versuri versurile Patience album.

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