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Iรข€™m standing at the foot of this mountain Wishing so bad that I could touch that sky But in the time it takes to make my wish I never take a step and I never try I wish that I were closer to Jesus But not enough to get me out of bed For an early morning prayer before the Rushes of my life take me instead I'm past the wishing Past the wishing Past the wishing I'm gazing in these deep well waters Where the pennies of my life have all been cast Iรข€™ve decided I am going to save my money To do something that lasts You've shown me my man of Macedonia You're calling me further on And I'm tired of saying it's a nice idea I wish it could be done I don't wish that I could go I am going I don't wish that I could be I am being I don't wish that I could do it I am doing By the grace of God I am doing

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