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We wrote these plans took the order the architecture and followed them to the end until the gears ground cold and relentless there was no remorse we had none we kept on with no trace of a regret I never saw any blood no soul for the body watch them turn her scab covered skin into stone like a coal in the sky searching for the dawn for the last time bloated with white eyes wide we've come to an understanding you lose I profit high noon and there ain't no secrets no more excuses now our number's up let them lead us by the throat now just smile while the rope pulls tighter guilty is an understatement the hourglass is never right side up and all the time we try to tear the script up forgetting all the sour for the sweet the paragraph has never been so empty the mother dies with infant in arms the lifeless test tube, look what she's done evolution gave us a clock that's always winding down

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