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The empireââ¬â¢s plan, is in the windy city. Feeling like he does, he feels pretty shitty. His new hat just blew away. Canââ¬â¢t hang it up to another day. You know what? Heââ¬â¢s down and out again. Paco Pena, no deniro, he went loco. Heââ¬â¢s down and out. He lost his hat. The middle eastââ¬â¢s beast, when youââ¬â¢re in the wild. Like a red hot chillie, you canââ¬â¢t stand mild. My new hat just got shot off. What am I gonna do? Not a whole lot.

Paco Pena mp3 muzica straina album versuri melodia cantece muzica cuvinte. Versuri piesa melodiei Hot Hot Heat.

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