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Grab the remote. flip the switch. let your mind slide. nothing wrong with relaxing. but please don't go. when we stop thinking we stop living(x2) They succomb to the warm glow letting images surround them The only worth while thing is the time before and after the show. A moderm day savior. throwing away the tools that others have used to live. A modern day savior. times runs out. the hour ends. what to do now There is nothing left within(x2). I close my eyes. Pray for something more than this. It was only a dream. I close my eyes. Pray for something more than this. It was only a dream (x4). GO! waiting for the toher show to drop. We slide into a false sense of security. Turn it off

Versuri melodiei descarca melodiei Taken cantece. Muzica straina Pacifier descarca versuri descarca melodiei.

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