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Let there be light (Oh yeah) Divide heaven tonight Oh open my sight (Oh yeah) Yes pump it on home tonight I see hearts are breaking I feel tears falling Oh yeah scenes from a million years I want lovers talking See their fear subsiding Sliding down cross a million years. But when I get home I walk right up your street Investigate all that's sweet (yeah) Lead me baby Switch on your lights Tonight Oooh Pumping on steel tonight Gonna be fine that's right Yes alright Pumping on steel tonight Well alright Man myth breaker Woman man maker Singin' scenes from a million years Oh, now we're talking Oooh fears breaking Running down cross a million years But when I get home I walk right to your door Ha my baby I want some more Lead me girl Switch on your lights tonight We'll be Pumping like steel tonight S'gonna be wild that's right Alright. Pumping on steel tonight Shake it out wild that's right C'mon yeah Pumping on steel tonight Yes'n well alright. Let there be light Ooh divide your heaven tonight I said and open my sight Oh I've got to slide tonight I've got to ride I might die tonight Switch on your lights Got to be fine that's right Oh gonna be wild that's right Lead me baby Lovin' tonight (oooww) Pumping on steel that's right Yes'n well alright Yes'n well alright Yes'n well alright Lead me baby Pumping on steel.

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