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Juliet and Romeo sitting on the patio Looks like they're under a mistletoe They think it's true love that they show What they need to make convey Is the love of God today That's what they need to make display PDA CHORUS I Show your brother Show your sister Show your mother That Jesus really loves her CHORUS II We need some PDA a public display of affection We need to show some PDA a public display of affection We need to show some PDA Christ died upon a tree A spectacle for all to see For all the world for you and me Without His love how could we be His love is not infatuation No side effects or complications No lonely times or long vacations Go with God no hesitations PDA A public display of affection REPEAT CHORUS II It's time to crawl upon the cross Consider everything but loss Display your love no matter the cost Give of yourself to save the lost Don't get caught in a bad display Show the love of Christ in a righteous way You know what He did So you have to say PDA REPEAT CHORUS II

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