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Get down and pray to the oven She thinks that god is there, in there Do you see Sylvia in the oven? Colossal Fact, Daddyæ¯ ex donæ° let you read. Hereæ¯ what she sees. In the end her only friend, keeps herself wide open looks into a higher ground What did husband say was found? She found - a daughter going on with her life I canæ° juggle this I canæ° juggle this I canæ° juggle this When it slips she says: This Kansas wheat wonæ° break me and another drink wonæ° take me I can make it if you can Strip it down wide open still Was your head caught in that pill? Was your life one big regret? The smartest man she ever met was not buried or put up on a cross And she thinks itæ¯ over, still if that light wonæ° go on Thereæ¯ no hope in life at all if the oven wonæ° burn This Kansas wheat wonæ° break us and another drink wonæ° make us free The ovenæ¯ wide open, hold your breath and see. Hold your breath and see . . .

Cuvinte versuri album ultima melodie cuvintele. Muzica straina Oven melodia cuvinte asculta versurile Seven Mary Three melodia versuri.

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