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One Word Lyrics Night-time is falling on the Louvre. It's been a lazy afternoon. We walk to the house, the air is clear, The water's still moving in the pool. You say One word. the same One sound. thing It makes again. the world go 'round. One word; You'll see we fight. you can't win - We're in the same place a game. but not the same spin. Let it all If it fades away, fade away. I don't mind. We were miles away, we were miles away, We were miles and miles away. Remember this oil by Augustus John? These are the ones I found in Rome. There are few things I keep for long. When does your plane leave for Cologne? I recall One word - the train - I saw - People danced that's all it took again. to turn them around. One world Strange world, we're in. no sound. We'll find The same things the same thing. are everywhere around. Never mind... You'll see, with time, with time we'll dance again. we'll dance again. If it all fades away... Let it all fade dancing away. All the sounds I heard One word, on a summer night, I found, and the quiet words that's all it took we exchanged. I felt to turn him around. she was pulling back She watched. to emphasize - He sighs. I was falling He waits for into Mona Lisa's eyes. a touch of her eyes. And she turned, And then and she turned, she turns away. she was far away. She won't let him She was miles away. touch her any more today. She was miles away. She was so many miles away.

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