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verse 1: takin my clothes,walkin out the door,tired of your games,(your games)tired of your show(your show)u want your way,always got somethin to say,as much as it's hurtin me,i'm on a one way street. chorus: walkin on, on a one way street all alone on this one way street nowhere to go down this one way street tired of bein lonely (repat x2) verse 2: ooh stop, don't move, meanin to talk to you,theres rules to the game,what you do'll come back to you,you betta betta wait,turn around and put yo bags back down,your love runs too deep,and there ain't nothin good on a one way street. chorus:(repeat x2) bridge: you see she hurt me but what did you do? i tried to be fair cause you were never there so i'm walkin away man you betta stay,you gotta good good girl don't you let her get away i tried my best to make it work i fed her candy she fed me dirt i've been down this road too many times if you don't want no trouble you betta change yo mind. chorus:(repeat 'till end)

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