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Versuri One, Two, I Love You

(Bucky Jone/Ed Hill) Kindergarten, five years old You and me and mother goose Learning lines to nursery rhymes That's when I feel in love with you Back when it was One, two buckle my shoe Three Four shut the door Five Six pick up sticks Even then my heart was yours College days miles apart So afraid you'd forget Writing letters every day And ending every one like this One two I miss you Three Four I walk the floor Five Six come back quick I dont wanna miss you no more A little girl and little boy Playing on a swing in the yard As we watch I hold your hand And you're still holding onto my heart And now its One two I love you Three four lets have one more Five six I wouldnt miss A day of this for all the treasure on the ocean floor One two I love you Three four let's shut the door Five six, kiss after kiss I cant wait to hold you once more

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