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It's kinda funny how life can change Can flip 180 in a matter of days Sometimes love works in mysterious ways One day you wake up gone without a trace [bridge] I refused to give up I refused to give in You're my everything I don't wanna give up I don't wanna give in, oh no Everybody sings [chorus] One love - for the mother's pride One love - for the times we cried One love - gotta stay alive I will survive One love - for the city streets One love - for the hip-hop beats One love, Oh I do believe One love is all we need Late at night I'm still wide awake Feel this is far more than I can take I thought my heart could never break Now I know that's one big mistake [bridge] [chorus] Baby, just love me love me love me Baby, just hold me hold me hold me Oh, love me love me love me, Oooh [chorus] cuvintele cuvintele asculta asculta ultima melodie. Ultima melodie Blue piesa melodia One Love versuri muzica straina melodiei melodia versuri mp3 Pop melodiei.

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