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We shared a life, we shared a heart But what we united seems to be breaking apart It’s a haunting pain, goes right to the core Now we’re dividing what’s mine from what’s yours I’ll keep the same old things I had when we met And you’ll keep what’s yours ‘cause that would only be fair But what about the heart that we both created together? [CHORUS] We used to be the toast of the town We used to have the best love of all We had blue skies but they came falling down What happened to us You and I once were lovers No cheating hearts and no one did wrong So why did we break, can’t say our love wasn’t strong But I know with time things that start to mend So let’s fix these hearts so they can’t be broken again You need a man who sees how lonely you’ve been Don’t worry, I will start all over and then We will get back the heart that we both created together [CHORUS] Last night I cried but girl you were not here So it was just a big waste of tears But then I smiled, I heard your voice in my ear Tellin’ me you wish it could be like it was in the beginning [CHORUS] muzica piesa cuvinte versuri album Muzica straina Once were lovers melodia cantece mp3 Luther Vandross versuri descarca ultima melodie.

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