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Versuri On the run

Going to town, I'm gonna tear it down I'm looking for some action To get a piece of your heart I lose a piece of my head It's like a chain reaction Your love has got me hypnotized You don't wanna see My love for you, it's over now It's time for me to leave I'm on the run, yeah On the run, yeah Oh, let me outta here, I don't wanna hear Your bullshit confession Just a smack in the head You moan in pain in your bed Staring at no reflection My mind is racing with the flood The time is moving fast My love for you is over now This love could never last I'm on the run, yeah On the run, yeah What we used to call love, is now one step above Mental masturbation Now, I'm bustin' out of this livin' hell Like a bullet from a shotgun The road has got me hypnotized And you don't want to see That my love for you is dead, is torn Now I'm on the run

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