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Versuri Oh Oh Oh My My My

Since you ask me what it takes to love me Get it straight right from the start You've got to move me got to get this to me Keep it coming right from the heart Then Oh Oh Oh My My My I will never let you down Oh Oh Oh My My My lovers make this world go around You've got to keep it uncomplicated If you see my point of view Plain and simply stated you must do what you must do A lot of people spend their lifetime searching Getting more and having less You and me though Now we've got this working every move is happiness Then Oh Oh Oh My My My Talkers talking, preachers preaching Making life a misery If they could feel every night what we feel They'd wish they were you and me Then Oh Oh Oh My My My

Cuvintele muzica cantece cantece mp3. Versurile ultima melodie versuri muzica straina descarca cuvintele versuri cuvintele Oh Oh Oh My My My ultima melodie Paul Carrack.

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