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Versuri Of Love And Lust

[music: sanga | lyric: barthold] With a leather smile you embraced me A taste of wine as you suck me in The tenderness of the cunning snake A chain of gold that crawls your skin In the night I am your dawn To illuminate your heart The incense licks the walls Into the exquisite, torn apart Enshrouded in the blackest lace Sweat and blood stain your lips Flowers falls to the enchanting sounds of music brought to life The strings played on are the ones between the two of us tied Enshrouded in the blackest lace Sweat and blood stain your lips Lie down and close your eyes Deliver yourself to ecstasy Of ove and lust - Until the dawning of day Of lve and lust - Here's a new night's ache Let it go, just let it flow - Ride the morning sun Seductive sense of never having enough Ride the mourning son Of love and lust...

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