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Versuri Obsession

I: Don't make me waste my time You say your love is mine Hey DJ, play that hit So we can have a drink And burn it on the ring. Refren: The way you move, na na na na na Oh, makes me fall in love Baby, we rock the world To be the ones above. Music in every night, Obsession is inside, Bring the beat up, the party started You're the one who makes me want some more... II: Please stay with me tonight I'm gonna treat you right, I outta make you shine I'll give you everything Just shake again that thing... The way you... Refren:.. I:.. Refren(x2):..

Mp3 muzica romaneasca Refflex melodia versuri melodia asculta Dance album mp3. Mp3 versuri Obsession cuvintele muzica descarca melodia.

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