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[Deicide cover] [Lyrics by Glen Benton] Join us Evil night of an evil death Epitome of illusion Sacrifice of the unborn child Enter the kingdom of darkness Sodomized for the ritual For there is nowhere to run Open the gates to the manifestation And grant me the powers of darkness [Chorus] Infernal majesty, take this dead offering Feeding the demon seed, evil bestowed on me Exorice the power of dead Invert my cross of time The retaim of Satan anarchy Inside my scared sign Lucifer bring me the legions of deaths Abbadon kill until nothing is left Oblivious to evil Death of defiled the rituals Of dreams and disillusion Unlock the box and gimp in pain Summon the demons of darkness Evil Gods that fast with flesh Prepare me for the dead Release me from the angels so righteous For your God is dead [Chorus]

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