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number one camera so here i go i know this feeling awfully well i could build a camera custom made to tape record the smell of the perfume that we used to share until you spilled it on the floor what more could anybody ask for i remember you in polaroid the glitter and the glue and all that noise i should probably sort of miss you but i see you all the time in polaroid up up and away in my beautiful cliché i have wasted too much precious time pretending iâm o.k. i better get out of the kitchen next time when i can not stand the heat my feet were colder than the hebrides we were bored there was nothing else to do playing records and posing in the nude it was dirty mind so it was cool and i always thought iâd know you everybody knew the score they knew they could not trust us but i could peel you like a pear and god would call it justice i guess thereâs nothing left to do but live with just the memory of you i do in sixties pink and light blue

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