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Versuri Nuclear attack

(Gary Moore) No, no, no. Out on the streets they're all living in fear. You can hear their hearts pound as the moment draws near. One push of a button is all it would take to dress the world in black. One fault in the system, a fatal mistake, and you never come back from a nuclear attack. The Russians are ready, the U.S. is armed. They try and tell us there's no cause for alarm. If you think you can live like a rat in a sewer, might stand a chance to stay alive. No one can say, no one knows for sure, just who will survive a nuclear attack. You ain't never coming back, no, from a nuclear attack. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. Oh. Oh, yeah. Look out. Out on the streets they're all living in fear. You can feel their hearts pound as the moment draws near. You won't know what's hit you, it'll happen so fast, won't be the time to even scream. You'll just be burned up by the heat of the blast, a thing of the past in a nuclear attack. Nuclear attack, you ain't never coming back, ain't never coming back, no. No, no, no. From a nuclear attack, oh. You ain't never coming back in a nuclear attack, ah. Oh, no, no, no. Ah.

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