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Versuri Nowhere But Lost

imagine to set one fire burn out the infection spread the ruin end the tyrrany I saw you shut out the light tape the black fabric over your eyes and this is the way you see there's a war going on insde me let me go down... your diseased hand touches my mouth and the words and fingers rot and curl and wither there's a hollowness that festers there let me go down... I'm in the need to cut you to pieces. twist the lids of your blinded vision. I'm in the need to dismember the ruinous joints of you I'm in the need for slaughter - I've got the taste of blood on my tongue... picking at the skin offering no protection I'm bared down to the wires leave me this tarnished key to lock and silence I need to be filled up with light hope is sunken like my blackened eyes I've lost this breath withering solace the ghost came to carry me home...

Versuri Nowhere But Lost muzica straina versuri. Ultima melodie asculta muzica asculta muzica Crisis melodiei cuvintele melodiei piesa muzica.

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